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Japanese Bio StartUp CLOVERNA announces a pre-seed round by VC in Tokyo

The pre-seed round was funded by Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc.
and backed CLOVERNA’s first raise.

CLOVERNA is a revolutionary RNA target drug discovery technology to accelerate the rare disease treatment pipeline.

The funds will be used to move their collaborative research and development projects for RNA therapeutics forward.

CLOVERNA, the Okayama, Japan-based, first Kawasaki Medical School-led startup company working with biotechnology to develop RNA therapeutic drugs, announced on June 30, 2022, that it has completed its pre-seed funding round by Keio Innovation Initiative VC in Tokyo. Founder Dr. Tatsuo Ito and Co-founder Dr. Yurika Shimizu together invented their innovative biotechnology to change the world of RNA drug discovery technology.

CLOVERNA’s mission is:
” Exploring unknown RNA drug targets and bringing new hope to all patients.”
With the next funding, they are aiming to expand their labs to the United States.

Dr. Tasuo Ito, a professor at Kawasaki Medical School’s Hygiene Department, launched CLOVERNA in 2020. Dr. Ito and co-founder Dr. Yurika Shimizu developed a unique RNA drug discovery technology.
They aim to break into a dark matter RNA, that is 40 times more plentiful than proteins, using their RNA drug treatment discovery system.

CLOVERNA’s approach represents a paradigm shift in drug discovery, promising two major aspects: (1) discovering new RNA molecules in cell types (2) targeting previously undruggable pathways with a more personalized strategy that can target and combat difficult-to-treat diseases.

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